Tuesday, March 21, 2017

So, yeah, this is happening.


Yeah, I know.

But change is good sometimes.

As you've probably figured out, I have begun migrating my active posting, and some of the other features of this site, to my not-so-new, but now-pretty-active home for all of my hobby stuff:

If those of you who generously link to this site can change your links to the new site, that would be awesome, and hugely appreciated!

I realize that some people who only want to read about trading cards, sports cards or even one type of sports cards may frown on this. Folks who are resistant to change may also frown on this. It's happening, though.

A few reasons for this:

1. I want to be out from under teh Googles wherever possible.

2. I want a little more freedom to write about things that aren't bubble gum cards, but to still keep all my fun hobby stuff in one place that isn't my OTHER other site, because that's just got a completely different vibe to it than what I've been doing for (jeez) 6 1/2 years here, or what I'm doing at the new hotness.

3. I'm actually starting to run into some broken stuff about Blogger's functionality. I've mentioned that I wasn't getting notified about pending comments (comments are definitely working at the new place, by the way), but in the past day or so, I've also had issues with logging in, posting and editing posts, too. They did a revision of the Blogger site recently (New logo on the Blogger dashboard; did you notice?), and some stuff's definitely broken now. That scares me.

4. I'm paying for an extra domain name here. I know a lot of you aren't, and that's fine, but I like to have .coms wherever I can. Call it a quirk. If I'm just at the new site, I have more money to buy cards and other stuff.

5. I would like just a little more separation between my given name and my various hobby activities, just because I am loud on the Internet sometimes, have Opinions, and this occasionally makes awful people get nosy or worse. I used to be really big on splattering "Scott Crawford" all over everything I did when I was younger and still thought fame was a good idea, but not so much anymore.

So, to answer some questions people may have:

1. Yes, this site will stay up on Blogspot for at least a while. When the .com stops working, sometime in November, it can be reached at scottcrawfordoncards.blogspot.com. Bookmark it now, if you like. It's tested and working. It'll redirect to the .com for the time being, and then it won't toward the end of the year. If you want to be able to get to this site easily in your bookmarks, change the bookmark now, while I'm telling you about this.

2. Yes, I can still be reached at the email address that is currently in the top right hand corner of this site. That'll work, again, at least for a while. scott@ineednewhobbies.com is what I'm using for the new site. If you want to start using that, that'd be cool, too. I have no idea why I didn't set up an email address for scottcrawfordoncards.com, but I didn't, and I'm kinda relieved, because emails from people who have my old address from here won't bounce now, at least not for a while.

3. Nope, I'm not leaving the hobby or stopping my writing about cards. Wrote something today, in fact! I've also been a pretty active trader lately, as I'm trying to tie up long-in-gestation deals, and have had a few new ones pop up, as well. I'm not buying as much new product as I once was, but I've got something like 50,000 duplicate cards, and I find new old stuff at flea markets all the time, so trust me, I've got my hands full, and should for quite a while if all goes well.

4. Yes, I am going to SLOWLY try to migrate my old posts from here over to the new site, at least the ones that are good and still relevant. Good things happened here, and I want that stuff preserved for posterity, to the best of my ability to do so. The trick is that I want to host all the images on the new site, rather than using Google's space (whenever possible, try to host your own content, people, even if you're paying for it to be hosted somewhere; "free" really isn't free, and you're at the mercy of your sometimes-not-so-benevolent benefactors when you're on a free site), and as you can probably figure out, there are a LOT of images to migrate. I haven't counted lately, but it's 654 posts x however many images I used in each. That's gonna be a project for a lot of late nights. Stay tuned.

5. Whenever I remember to, I will post links to card-related stuff from the new site on this site. There's also a subscription by email form at the top of the new site, and my RSS feed works there, as well, so you've totally got ways to keep up.

6.  For Twitter, as I've been using this for a while now, PLEASE follow and respond to @ineednewhobbies for card and hobby stuff, rather than @scottcrawford. Again, trying to separate the hobby stuff and the rest of my life a little bit.

7. If I think of other stuff, I'll mention it on here or on the other site. You're also free to ask any questions you may have about the migration!

I'm really grateful for all the fun we've had at this site. We've made great trades, been all kinds of goofy, gotten through a serious moment or two together, and I'm very glad I decided to create this thing. It's been quieter here over the past few years (Life has kept me very busy for the past 3), but you and I, we've been at this for 6 1/2 years, and that's not counting the couple of years between my finding and establishing contact with Ben Henry and deciding to do a site of my own. If we're going there, we're at a decade.

This should be said, since I mentioned him: I owe a debt of gratitude to the lot of you for being great people and good traders and good listeners, even, but this whole hobby, or our corner of it anyway, owes a huge, huge debt to Ben, who pretty much single-handedly brought us all together.

I also realize that I'm taking a big leap of faith, walking away from over a quarter million visits, with this site still getting thousands of visitors per month (even if I'm sure a lot of them are robots from Russia, there are plenty of people still reading, going by my email, the response on Twitter and so forth), but I'm hoping you'll come along for the ride, and we'll have a bunch more fun at the new place.

Remember, that address is:

I hope you'll join me there.

Thanks again for everything, y'all.


Friday, March 10, 2017

New Post Over At The Other Joint


Go check 'er out!

(And yeah, I'm totally trying to steer y'all over there.)

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Some More Site Updates

1. Just so y'all know, I am not ignoring your comments. I'm just not getting proper notification for them. They go to spam, if they go anywhere at all, and somehow I'm not always catching them, even though I actually look through my spam folder before I delete its contents virtually every time.

2. I have a new article up at I need new hobbies. tonight. '17 Topps cards are featured prominently, but not entirely.

3. I'm getting closer to being able to knock out a few more trades. I'll be in touch with those of you who I was pretty deeply in the progress of trading with over the course of the next week.

4. I could still use one more person to join my fantasy league. Kerry from Cards On Cards has joined! There are more details in this post. Get ahold of me if you're interested.

5. After about 6 months of slacking, both my Flagship Sets Progress Report and my High Priority Set Want List have been updated!

6. Still trying to decide what to do with this site. It would be nice to not have to deal with a million domains someday. This is probably the most popular of my many web sites, though, over the course of 20 years of making them, and I don't know how building an audience for another one from scratch will go. Thoughts on this are welcome.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Twitter Trade With The Mayor!

The Mayor of what, you ask?

The Mayor of Cooperstown, Jeff Katz!

He's also got a few books out, the latest of which, Split Season 1981, I keep meaning to pick up, as '81 is the first (mostly) full season I remember details of, even with my card collection starting in '80.

Jeff had commented on Twitter that he finished his '70 Topps set, which led to me mentioning that I'm closing on it, which led him to mention that he had some extras left over from his set-building, and that turned into a trade, where I sent a pile of vintage football to Jeff, and he sent 26 '70 cards from his stash. This brought me under under 100 cards on '70 Topps, and did so in style. Here's a partial look at the pile I got (just going with the Hall of Famers and All-Stars, as I'm mildly sleep-depped right now).


Thanks for the deal, Jeff, and good luck on '55 Bowman football! (Folks, if you've got '55 Bowman football, he's looking. Get in touch with him!)

Friday, January 13, 2017

State Of The Site Kinda Stuff

Leading with this card, a '58 Topps Football Carl Brettschneider (UER!) card. It's the only '58 I own, and almost left by way of a trade you'll hear about soon, but my trade partner had it already. When I looked at it a little closer, which I'd never really done, it had the feel of one of those spring training photos used in baseball sets (think 1973 Topps Luis Alvarado, but a little more understated). It doesn't look like it's happening in pro football. It's a guy in a park in a football uniform, with cars and a couple other players in the background. Grass is super, super green. The shot is sorta angled, so the ground doesn't look flat. It looks like newer photography than one'd expect on a card released in '58. There's, of course, the spelling error on the last name, too. Across the board, there's something not quite right about this card. I think I'll keep it.

So, 10 updates on some stuff and then a few pictures:

1. I'm still here, obviously. 

2. I am slowly easing back into feeling human enough to do some stuff with cards that isn't just selling the extras, including maybe even writing about them a little. Last year was a challenging year, though, between a move that started in February '15 and didn't really finish until June '16, home renovations that are still in progress but in the late stages, the craziness of the wider world in 2016, and, as I mentioned in my last post, starting in September, there was kind of a run of old friends passing. Not at all uncommon at my age, and, truth be told, while I'd like them all to stay put forever, I'm really fortunate to still have as many people I'm fond of in the world with me in my 40s as I do, especially considering the amount of hellraising a lot of us did. Appreciate the people in your life while you've got 'em around, and say what you need to say to them.

3. I am starting to do some new card trades, and trying to wrap up the old ones. I count 14 trades that've been discussed, even from the initial phases, dating back maybe 2 1/2 years. One's mutually in the mail as of yesterday (the most recent one, and it was pretty quick). One's been in the mail for 2 years. One, I keep asking what they'd like in return for, and not hearing much. One, the other person's not on the hook for at all, but they said they might send me some stuff at some point, so I've still got a note of that. One's probably happening in February, because international shipping is expensive. Three just started, or are at least at the beginning of their usual cycles. One's stopped and started a ton of times. One started, and then fell quiet. Four others, emails were exchanged, and one or both of us just lost the thread. Let's all try and wrap these up before the post office gets privatized, eh?

4. Even if you're not part of this group of 14 or so people I'm trading with, I still have a lot of cards available for sale or trade. People keep leaning toward trade, which, I get it, times aren't great for everyone, but I'd rather see cash (especially with 14 trades in progress right now), and it'd lead to a quicker turnaround for you, as well. I put some stuff on my COMC account at the end of last year, too, and I've done pretty well there. Had a few sales that saved my ass around the holidays, when car repairs showed up RIGHT when I was about to start my shopping. Still have some cool stuff up. Prices are indeed negotiable, so make offers if there's stuff you're interested in, but think I'm asking too much for.

5. I'm still trying to decide how to work this whole "scottcrawfordoncards.com/ineednewhobbies.com" thing. The latter site, I will admit, I don't quite have the same level of warm fuzzies for yet, though its function is certainly way more multipurpose, and I'd much rather run a self-hosted WordPress site than a site that could go splat if Google decides to get bored with us running Blogger sites, which really have to be in the loss column right now for them, given how little attention the platform gets these days. And, I mean, I could just move the card site to WordPress (Shane did just that last year), but I'd want to approximate the layout as well as I could, not end up with a ton of broken images from 6 years of card posts (if I'm moving the site to my own servers, I don't wanna leave all the images on Google's server), and not have very much, if any site downtime if I did it. Plus, I don't want to keep adding sites (and domain registrations) to the list of Things On The Internet That I Have To Take Care Of. I'm trying to have less of those these days, not more. So, suggestions are welcome here. Opinions on whether the card site HAS to stay independent, despite it being a hardship down the line, are also welcome. I just actually had this weird idea about merging the design aesthetic of this site with the Hobbies site, that maybe I'll explore in the coming weeks.

6. As for the state of my collection? Well, again, for a few months there, I didn't remember that I was a person, to be honest about it, and it still might get tough in the coming years if stuff in the States ends up being as weird and horrible as it looks like it might, but yes, I do have a collection, and I am still adding to it. I took this snapshot of The First Cards Of 2017 recently (which normally get their own post, but it's been crazy lately), in fact...

These were pickups from a comic shop that's phasing out cards, alas, but they were fun pickups nonetheless.

There's other new stuff on its way to me in the trades I mentioned above, as well, and I'm sure when spring happens, if stuff's stable in my life, I'll be out at the flea markets, buying up lots again.

Aside from "have fun", which was my 2016 goal (and in between all the chaos that happened last year, I did), I don't have a strong goal for my collection this year. It'd be nice to finish some more sets. Autographs of my favorite players are fun (these are the things you should be offering me in trade). I like weird stuff. Those are all things I'll keep in mind.

7. As far as new product goes, I'm not thrilled with '17 Topps flagship, but I like Bunt again this year, I like Donruss, I'm pleasantly surprised with Gypsy Queen, and I'm still all-in on Heritage (maybe more so than I would've expected years ago, as I'm putting a pretty good dent in the original '68 set these days). If you're opening new cards, throw that stuff aside for me as it comes out, especially if you're into trading it for well-loved '60s and '70s Topps.

8. I'm still doing all the Topps Digital apps, and while I'm not as feverish about trading, finishing sets, etc. as I was last year, I pick up stuff in all of the apps every day. I probably have a lot of trade bait for you, if you're doing digital cards. My username is SCOTTCRAWFORD across all the apps. Send me some offers!

9. I'm in the process of finally working on a version 5.0 of my want list (which will ideally address the issue of my want list being 71 pages with very little priority to what's on it, and maybe bring the lack of priority in my collecting goals under control a bit).

10. Finally, not quite card stuff, but we may have room in my fantasy baseball league this year. We're a looking-like-between-10-and-12-team dynasty league (which means you can keep everyone, and also means that, as an expansion team, your first season's probably gonna hurt), roto, on Yahoo. We've been the same core group since '02, so (wow) this'll be our 16th season. Right now, if all of last year's owners return, and I think they will, we've got one expansion owner returning, and we'll be back up to 10 (we had 2 long-timers take a break last year, and 1 slacker we had to give the boot to after '15), but a perfect league size, to me, is 12, even in a league of hoarders. We usually draft in mid-March these days. Settings below!

Scoring Type: Rotisserie
Player Universe: All baseball
New Players Become Available: As soon as Yahoo adds them
Max Acquisitions for Entire Season: 70
Max Trades for Entire Season: No maximum
Trade Reject Time: 2
Trade End Date: No trade deadline
Allow Draft Pick Trades: Yes
Waiver Time: 1 day
Waiver Type: Continual rolling list
Waiver Mode: Standard
Can't Cut List Provider: Yahoo Sports
Trade Review:     Commissioner
Post Draft Players: Free Agents
Max Games Played: 162
Max Innings Pitched: 1700
Roster Changes: Daily - Tomorrow
Start Scoring on: Sunday, Apr 3
Roster Positions: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF, Util, SP, SP, SP, SP, RP, RP, P, P, P, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, DL, DL, NA, NA
Batters Stat Categories: Runs (R), Home Runs (HR), Runs Batted In (RBI), Stolen Bases (SB), Total Bases (TB), Batting Average (AVG), Hitting for the Cycle (CYC)
Pitchers Stat Categories: Wins (W), Saves (SV), Strikeouts (K), Batters Grounded Into Double Plays (GIDP), Earned Run Average (ERA), No Hitters (NH), Quality Starts (QS)

These should be stable this year, unless Yahoo hits us with a bunch of new stat categories.

Email me if you're interested!

I leave you with some pictures from late 2016. The renovations on what we've been calling "the study" are coming along, and this is where the cards, and some of my other collections, will live moving forward.

Partially organized shelves! The books are where they're supposed to be, anyway.


The front wall! (Don't panic about the empty malt liquor bottle. It's been empty for probably a quarter century.)

 Side wall, not a ton I can do because of the radiator. Yes, that's a Vectrex.

Back wall still needs more shelving, which I'll probably grab in a few weeks.

And, a roomy walk-in closet with attic access. Yes, that's a Macintosh SE/30 on the bottom shelf.

Stuff's moving forward. That's what I gotta go on here.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A New Bernie

What a remarkable card.

Would you look at that stretch he's doing?

This is actually a Bernie I'd never seen in person or otherwise, which is something else, as it's a base card of my favorite player from a flagship set, however troubled Donruss were in '98. Glad to add it.

This is also one of hundreds of cards I got in a deal with Bo recently, as part of our longstanding series of trades. When I got the box in the mail a few weeks ago, I glanced through to get a basic idea of what was there, then I let it sit, rather than doing my usual routine of checklisting and filing it all. It was the end of a long, exhausting holiday season, that itself was at the end of a very long, exhausting year, the home stretch of which made it really goddamned difficult for me to feel up to spending hours of time meticulously checking which cards I was missing from the 1998 Donruss set.

Now, despite feeling like I did about sorting and filing my cards, I of course appreciated the deal, as, first and foremost, there's a lot of human effort and thought that goes into these things, from people who are usually at least as tired and spread as thin as I am. I don't ever take that for granted. Past those sentiments, the cards involved enabled me to replace some things I didn't need with some things that'd fit in sets of mine, as well as shifting some things to someone else in exchange for stuff that'll likely do better with the local collectors where I am now. I knew all that on my first pass through the box. I just didn't have anything left in the tank to really process it until the other night.

When I finally did, I did have fun.

"Hey, cool, a Griffey."

"Nice, there are some Hall of Famers in this run of *set here*."

"Finally almost done with that no-good '89 Bowman set!"

"Whoooooo, Bip Roberts!"

And, of course, there was this Bernie Williams card.

Sometimes, in the wake of a lot of horrible stuff happening (and it has lately, even above and beyond the celebrity deaths everyone's talked about from last year, and the crazy election; friends, past and present, passed at a much higher than usual rate over the last few months of the year, as will happen when you reach a certain age, and even at the beginning of this year, our community of card folk lost a bottomless well of knowledge, solid artist and decent guy in Bob Lemke), it can be tough to do normal human stuff of any kind and feel like you usually do about it because you're walking around feeling shellshocked, so when something manages to get me back to doing that, I appreciate it a little more than I do when the whole world doesn't feel like a dumpster fire. So, thanks, Bo, for that. Seriously.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

No, really, you guys, I have a lot of cards that I would like to unload!

(No, vinyl and Micromoog not included. Yes, people have asked already.)

Yes, this is my "doubles box". You've seen it before in other posts, photographed from other angles and such. There's probably somewhere between 50,000-60,000 cards pictured.

(That cardboard box to the right of the vinyl has probably another 5000-6000 cards in it, too.)

I would like it all gone at some point, and in a perfect world, that point would be "before the end of 2016". Shy of throwing some away, giving it away or selling it for way, way less than reasonable resale value, that's gonna take some doing.

That's where you come in.

If you're looking to do some trading, reach out to me. I plan on doing a lot of this in the month of December. I'm gonna start with folks who I've had open trades with for the past 2 years (there are somewhere between 5-10 trade conversations that've been derailed numerous times since 2014), but I'm willing to talk to anyone. If you collect a player, a team, a specific sport, non-sports stuff, whatever, run it by me, and I may have something for you.

I'll tell you flat out that cash will get you further than trade goods will, because for one, I haven't been able to think too much about what cards I want this month, given the state of the world (a subject for another time and place, and we'll leave it at that), and for two, I can always use cash. However, if you have stuff that'd be fairly easily resellable, but you don't wanna be bothered selling it for whatever reason, I'm more than happy to do quantity for quality as well. It doesn't necessarily have to be stuff I'll be adding to my collection that I want you to trade me. It just has to be stuff that turns this into either a much smaller stack of cards, or no cards at all.

As much fun as Trade Bait Drafts are, they're a lot of bookkeeping for a relatively small removal of goods from my house. So we're going to do things in more of an "anything goes" kinda way. Looking for something? Try me. Email me, comment on this post, or chase me down on Twitter (Please use my hobby-related account instead of my general one; it'll keep things saner.)

Look forward to hearin' from y'all!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Jose Fernandez

This is my best card of Jose Fernandez. It's a 2014 Topps Archives Deckle Edge mini, card #JF, if you're looking for a copy for your own collection.

When I went through what I had, to find something to share with you all today, this was the one that affected me the most, in both good and bad ways. It is very much him, by every account that I've seen, heard or read about. That smile. The warmth that came across even in black and white. Still looking like a damn kid.

I've collected his cards since he got to the bigs, but I still don't have a lot of Jose's cards. Despite really enjoying him as a player, and having him as the anchor of my fantasy team's pitching staff for nearly his entire career (I foolishly dropped him for career starts 5 and 6, after he lost starts 3 and 4; I was very lucky to get him back before start number 7, and kept him for the rest of his career, including the entirety of his recovery from Tommy John surgery), I haven't found many people looking to trade his cards, and I haven't found enough time to hunt for them, either.

There never really is enough time, is there?

My deepest condolences go out to all of Jose Fernandez's loved ones and fans.

He'll be missed, and he will not be forgotten.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

1993 Fleer Flair

As part of a deal I got from a flea market guy I met yesterday, I got the entire 1993 Fleer Flair set in a binder. I'd been working on it fairly steadily for most of the past decade and had only recently gotten to the halfway mark on completion, so this was a very welcome development. (Also: I have a bunch of Flair for trade now, if anyone's in the market.)

The first Flair set, to me anyway, was the best. Even with the double picture/Glamour Shots thing happening on the cards, they were refreshingly minimalist. Great card stock, like the gloss, like the soft focus on the photography, just a set I really enjoy.

I went through the binder just now, and scanned ten of my favorites, so let's look at 'em.

Night Owl has talked about Alex Cole and his eyewear choices before, but this is a card he didn't get to in that piece. This picture has him in great shades, giving a terrific 'The FUCK you lookin' at?" look.

Bernie's been known to wear some glasses, himself. Bernie is much cooler than Alex Cole, though. 

As is Bo. I mean, look at that facial expression in the inset! Also: look at him about to destroy the living hell out of a baseball. I mean, look at the physique on the guy. How could he not?

Stuff had already gotten kinda weird for Doc by the time Flair came out, but he still had that great smile. He really should've been baseball's Jordan, maybe even moreso than Bo because Bo had another sport to be Jordan in along with baseball. Cocaine's bad stuff, y'all.


The Zen Of Mark Lemke. The inset picture looks like parody or revenge. I don't think it's both, but one can never tell nowadays. 

Lou Whitaker was impossibly slick.

Pedro really did come into the league fully-formed, didn't he? I mean, the numbers might not have been '99 Pedro right away, but the swagger sure was. For the longest time, especially after the Zimmer fight (which I still think could've been handled better), I hated this guy, but I've softened a fair deal, dating to a great, if bittersweet moment when he was on the Phils, near the very end of his career. It was Game 2 of the '09 World Series, when he got taken out of the game. He was visibly disappointed that he couldn't keep the Phils in it, and being that it could've been his last time on a ball field as a player (he did come back and pitch Game 6, but he didn't know that'd happen at the time), it was obviously a pretty emotional moment for him. However, as he was walking off the field, OF COURSE the Yankee Stadium crowd let him have it with all they had, because he was Pedro Martinez and they were Yankee fans. Something about it got to him, and he cracked up laughing. At that moment, he became a lot more relatable to me, something other than some invincible, evil ballbuster from hell, like the guy pictured above.

That swing.

My word.

Rickey really was unbelievably graceful to watch. I kinda fell out with Rickey for a while, probably just residuals from the stolen base record fanfare, but I've actually come around to where I've started collecting him again, because I've thought about how much entertainment and joy he brought me aside from that one moment when his ego got the best of him (and, let's be honest, his ego usually had and apparently still has the best of him, but there was one moment above all others) Frankly, it was quite a bit of fun that he brought to my life. I mean, relating directly to cards, my first big "pull" in a pack of cards was his rookie card, in the first pack I ever bought.

Craig Calcaterra has been writing a lot, for a while, about how people take baseball entirely too seriously, and how these various transgressions like displays of ego (and given what the world's seen since Rickey picked up the base and the ballgame stopped, his was a minor transgression, but still one that rubbed me the wrong way at the time without any prodding, because I was trying to watch a ballgame there, and he interrupted it) and steroid use and whatever else don't or at least shouldn't retroactively erase whatever happiness or excitement you felt while watching a game, before you saw or heard about what can't be unseen, and I'm sorta trying to make some peace with that where I can. There's always gonna be some stuff that's just beyond the pale (Chad Curtis, who I used to enjoy watching play baseball, comes to mind), but in a world filled with very imperfect humans and a litany of bullshit, it may enable me to hang onto some joy here and there. I'm trying to apply it to all forms of entertainment, really, because there sure are some mixed up, occasionally lousy, but still very talented people to go around outside of baseball, too.

Hey, luck of the draw, next card in the pile after Rickey would be the guy who threw his 7th no-hitter on the day Rickey Picked Up The Base, with no fanfare to speak of after the game, who became everybody's hero because he Played The Game The Whit...er...Right Way. I have a lot more love these days for Rickey than Nolan, mostly because Nolan hangs out with warmongers in his free time. I'm still glad I got to see Ryan play some (on TV, never in person), regardless. This is a great looking card, too. Nice use of photography within the parameters of the design.

This ended up being about more than 1993 Flair cards, but it was a good exercise, I think. Let's do it again soon.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Oh, and one more thing (Kris Bryant Alert)

This belongs to Stubby, not me.

It is available for sale.

If you're interested, I'll put you in touch with Stubby, who can also answer any other questions you may have about it.

$300 or best offer (subject to Stubby's approval) gets it.

Serious inquiries only.

Check Out My Cards That I Haven't Sent To COMC (yet)

Hi there! So, I've been working on a submission to COMC for like a month now (an act that's completely independent of any talk of Trade Bait Draft IV), have it ready, but between shipping and submission fees, I gotta tell you, folks, it ain't cheap (though the rewards are definitely there, if you've got the right stuff). So, I'm going to punt the ball for another month on this, and in the meantime, here are scans of everything, all 140 cards, I was gonna send to them, with some additional info on the cards. If you are interested in any of it, email me, and we'll talk pricing. I unfortunately don't have time to individually price everything (and some stuff, there's no recent active pricing online for in the first place), and I also don't want to scare people off or lock people into pricing on what I am reasonably flexible on, especially if you want a lot of it.

I will tell you I am primarily looking for cash right now. If you blow me away (white whale kinda stuff like autos, top 25 cards, vintage Brooklyn Dodgers, Topps Ringsides, etc.), I may consider trade offers on this stuff, but I've relocated in the past year and I have a bunch of bills I didn't always have, which was the impetus behind trying to unload these cards in a targeted way in the first place.

There will be notes on certain items at the bottom of their corresponding pages (serial numbered stuff will have its serial number, etc.). Apologies for the half-assed way these are scanned, but these pages were scanned just for visual recall of what I was planning on sending to COMC, not really for this purpose. If you'd like a better scan of any item here, please ask! Also, on the Ginter minis that are backs-up, I did that so I'd know they were A&G backs, since really, the fronts of those cards aren't as important to this for inventory purposes. Again, if you need scans of anything, ask.

Anyway, without further ado, here's the stuff!

 2005 Heritage Chrome Matt DeSalvo 1285/1956

2007 Heritage Chrome Roger Clemens 1588/1958
2008 Heritage Chrome Edinson Volquez 0756/1959
2014 Heritage Chrome Ryan Zimmerman 0435/999
2016 Heritage Chrome Addison Russell 031/999

2013 Topps Silver Frame Luis Ayala 04/10
2013 Topps Silver Frame Casey Kotchman 06/10
2012 Bowman Sterling Gold Leonys Martin 34/50
2012 Bowman Sterling Chris Archer 159/199

2008 Donruss Elite Throwback Threads Andrew Cashner Relic 043/500
2011 Bowman All-Star Futures Game Nolan Arenado Relic Green 19/25
2014 Topps Pro Debut Michael Ynoa Debut Duds Relic 25/25
2002 SP Authentic Dustin Pedroia Team USA 0993/1999
2016 Topps Foil Brett Lawrie 02/50
2016 Topps Foil Edward Mujica 1417/2016
2009 Topps Update Gold Joe Mauer All-Star 1339/2009
2009 Topps Update Gold Dustin Pedroia All-Star 1106/2009
2009 Topps Update Gold Elijah Dukes 1488/2009

2011 Topps Update Gold Rick Ankiel 0064/2011
2012 Topps Gold Mike Stanton 0832/2012
2015 Topps Gold Brad Ziegler 0506/2015
2015 Topps Gold Will Smith 0391/2015
2015 Topps Gold Kristopher Negron 0522/2015
2015 Topps Gold Christian Colon 1170/2015

2008 Topps Opening Day Frank Thomas 1736/2199
2008 Topps Opening Day B.J. Upton 1779/2199
2003 Fleer Platinum Jason Kendall 090/100
2012 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Aspirations Matt Purke Die Cut 141/200

2009 Bowman Chrome Refractor Jeremy Farrell 253/599
2009 Bowman Chrome X-Fractor Andrew Rundle 028/299
2009 Bowman Chrome X-Fractor Carlos Martinez 169/250
2009 Bowman Gold Refractor Kyeong Kang 02/50
2010 Bowman Chrome Refractor Melky Mesa 492/777
2011 Bowman Chrome Purple Refractor Jake Marisnick 719/799
2003 Upper Deck MVP Gold Scott Rolen 012/125
2003 Upper Deck MVP Gold Paul Lo Duca 049/125
2015 Topps Archives 1983 Grey Border Chase Utley 097/199

2011 Topps Heritage Minor League Blue Tint Austin Ross 419/620
2011 Topps Heritage Minor League Blue Tint Kevin Kiermaier 379/620
2011 Topps Heritage Minor League Blue Tint Jerry Sullivan 041/620
2011 Topps Heritage Minor League Blue Tint Luis Heredia 152/620
2011 Topps Heritage Minor League Red Tint Max Kepler 452/620
2011 Topps Heritage Minor League Red Tint Stetson Allie 555/620
2008 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Rich Harden 001/350
2011 Playoff Contenders Logan Verrett Draft Ticket 30/49

2009 SP Authentic John Danks 09/19
2013 Panini USA Baseball Champions Sonny Gray Die-Cut 14/199
2012 Topps Finest Orange Refractor Evan Longoria 61/99
2013 Topps Opening Day Blue Jemile Weeks 0658/2013
2011 Topps Heritage Minors Green Autograph Joe Wieland 4/10
2011 Topps Gold Jayson Werth 30/50
2011 Topps Hope Diamond Robinson Cano 36/60
2011 Topps Chrome Blue Alex Cobb 83/99
2011 Topps Chrome Diamondfractor Jose Bautista 195/225

2012 Topps Chrome Red Dan Uggla 03/25
2014 Topps Black Elvis Andrus 20/63
2015 Topps Chrome Red Brandon Finnegan 5/5
2010 Topps Pro Debut Blue Stephen Fife 215/259
2011 Topps Pro Debut Gold Yasser Gomez 08/50
2011 Topps Pro Debut Blue Kyle Waldrop 266/309
2013 Topps Pro Debut Gold Taylor Guerrieri 42/50
2013 Topps Pro Debut Gold Nicholas Martinez 14/50
2014 Topps Pro Debut Gold Thomas Coyle 49/50

 2011 Panini Elite Extra Franchise Futures Autograph Michael Kelly 339/340
2007/2008 O-Pee-Chee Premier Hockey Borje Salming 239/299
2007/2008 O-Pee-Chee Premier Hockey Niklas Lidstrom 09/25

2010 Topps Football Rookie Premiere Autograph Jordan Shipley 61/90
2006 Press Pass Football Roddy White Relic 113/300
2012 Topps Football Camo Stephen Hill 073/399
2009 Bowman Chrome Football X-Fractor Shonn Greene 147/250
2010 Topps Gold Football Dez Bryant 1930/2010
2010 Topps Gold Football Tony Romo 0954/2010
2011 Topps Gold Football Julio Jones 0841/2011
2001 Topps Heritage Chrome Football Jeff Garcia 246/556

2006 Topps Heritage Chrome Football Anquan Boldin 480/552
2006 Topps Heritage Chrome Football Antonio Gates 460/552

Again, email me if you're interested in any of this, to talk pricing, potential trades (definitely leaning more toward cash), if you need better scans, have any questions, and so forth.